Buying your wedding dress online

To get a wedding dress under £1000 is rare nowadays as prices are sky high and people’s pockets are empty. Your wedding day is going to be the biggest day of your life so why shouldn’t you spend a little money on it. So you have got the venue the catering all sorted and you have booked the church. All the invites are ready to go and you have decided who is going to play what part. So all that’s left now is the part you have been dreaming of all your life the wedding dress.


Buying a wedding dress can be the most stressful part trying it on what looks good can you find your dream dress. After hours of dragging your mother round all the shops you find it your dream dress its perfect and just what you wanted. Only problem now is the price tag what will you do? well you could take a loan out to pay for it or put it on your card but all this will have to be paid back anyway so its only a short term fix for your dream dress. So you decide to take the night to think about it and you go home and have a little look online to see if you can find the dream wedding dress.

After typing in new wedding dresses in to Google and looking around you find it at only a small fraction of the price. Ok so you have tried this dress on it’s the one you want what would you do next?  Well me personally I would be thinking how do I know this dress would be ok will it look just like the one I tried on in the shop? Well the answer to that one is yes the only difference to the dress you saw in the shop and the one on the website is the name on the label. Unfortunately when the big manufactures make it big in the high street so do the prices you can get the same quality by buying your wedding dress online.